We are a group of young creators who are starting a journey, creating a place where we and you can have a completely safe and open discussion which is not only informative but also makes you fall down laughing. Our hosts come up with shows that ignite passion to fight in our audience's heart. It's said that when you stop caring about things that are happening around you, the only thing really left of you is a soulless husk of a body. We at Khakhed, don't think that's true, you only stop caring when you are beaten down so many times that getting up again seems like a hassle. This earth, the people who live here and the organism and resources living or dead are going to be inherited by us and will be passed on to the next generation, isn't that something worth fighting for? 

We absolutely love joking, having fun and working towards a future where our successors can enjoy their lives with each other and out in the nature. We started with TWL in 2020 and since then we haven't looked back.

Hope our passion can move yours.

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