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Successful Anger Management: Let's be Eco-friendly

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Hindu Culture and festivals are very well known for their decoration, music, and the general enthusiasm that comes with them. Be it Holi- the festival of Colors or Diwali- the festival of light, each festival is celebrated with its charisma. India is almost always celebrating something, currently, we have Navratri- the festival that signifies the win of good over evil. In this article, we will focus on how can we use our anger towards non-eco-friendly practices to make a difference?

Maa Kali- Navratri- Using anger to be eco friendly
Maa Kali

Navratri is celebrated to honor Goddess Durga for defeating the demon Mahishasura in a battle. Maa Kali is one of the three forms of Goddess Durga, who is beautiful in a way that is both frightening and awe-inspiring. She is known as the force of Shakti or what we call Women Empowerment. Her form depicts destruction. It all sounds very enticing. There is blood, lots of blood on and around her. Below her feet lies the body of the beheaded demon. And next to it, is her husband – Lord Shiva, also known as the destroyer. She can scare the bejesus out of anyone and according to the stories in the Shastras, she did scare the living daylights out of her husband and the entire court of gods. Not because of the lack of makeup and excessive murder-y vibes but because her anger could not be contained.

Goddess Kali is also called the Goddess of Preservation. We often say that God has to be a woman because of how complex all systems of the world are, but there is no denying that light only came after the appearance of womanhood, which in Hinduism is considered to be Kali’s birth. ( Please don’t kill me for saying God is a woman, Hinduism has 300 crore gods- it is a little hard to keep a perfect track). If you look at her statue carefully, you will notice that her dark flowing hair conveys nature is free from civilization, and the three major driving forces of nature – the sun, the moon, and fire are visible under her third eye.

If you are confused about why we are talking about Maa Kali so much while I was going to suggest some ways to celebrate our festivals in a more eco-friendly way, I wanted to help you channel your anger to help you be more eco-friendly.

“ When you can’t control what’s happening. Challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.”

That is true. Social media tells us different tales every single day. The top list of animals that have gone extinct to hunting stories and scandalous politicians destroying nature in the name of development. And I am sure this angers you. As a commoner, sometimes we would feel like we do not have a say or feel helpless. That is why we created Khakhed. To give people a voice, to help you realize you have a lot more power than you realize. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for, and that you got this!

  • Your vote and the company that you buy from is a stand. For example, buying from Amazon is an indication that we value convenience over the excessive waste they produce during packaging. But when we buy from Fairtrade you are voting for eco-friendly services and fair wages.

  • Signing petitions should not be about trends or immediate problems. In my opinion, it should be about chronic problems, where the policymakers have enough time to make a plan.

  • Share more and more problems on social media, problems that anger you and upset you, share the correct information (that is, after proper verification and research) on Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. That will help bring like-minded people together.

  • Stop thinking that we do not have the power to change what is happening. We do! More than the ones sitting at powerful positions, more than the policymakers, if we band together- we can make anything happen.

  • Come up with solutions. We have so many people and brands working towards reducing waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. All we need to do is repurpose not only our materials but also our thoughts. We need to be innovative and mindful!

Like Kali when she used her anger to bring peace back to the world (also it did involve a lot of killing, not something I would suggest doing), our anger over packaging issues of Amazon or greenwashing, or even oil spills, when put together, can even move a mountain. As one angry person, we might not be able to start a movement, but if we band all this anger and redirect it strategically, I am sure we can make a difference.

Here are some ideas that pandals for the Preserver of Nature that preserves nature.

  • Eco-friendly pandals: A lot of pandals should start creating themes based on saving mother Earth. The decor could use eco-friendly materials, namely bamboo and jute instead of plastic and polyethylene sheets.

  • Segregate waste for recycling: Big boxes can be set up at pandals where the visitors will be encouraged to drop their plastic bottles and bags. That can be sent to recycling plants for repurposing.

  • Stop firecrackers: Reduce or completely stop the use of firecrackers. Firecrackers harm both the environment and human life.

  • Control Music levels: We have loud music at these pandals that have bhajans or Bollywood songs playing. Instead, we can have a setup similar to silent discos or tune into a frequency that can only be controlled by the venue or the organizers. Zero Noise Pollution.

These are just the start. There are so many ways that pandals and festivals can be super eco-friendly without affecting the budget too much. From biodegradable or compostable plates and bowls to natural decorations that can be later turned into soaps, or shampoos, or just compost.

We need to go back to our roots in aspects such as vacations and child upbringing, so our children can understand why being eco-friendly is important and what is happening to their planet. A lot of eco-friendly practices feel overwhelming, however, you have to take baby steps. Even if 90% of people take baby steps every day, it helps the environment a lot more than 10% of people doing everything right.

We came up with a list of ways that can help reconnect with Mother Nature.

  • Responsible Tourism

  • Encourage children to play outside. Participate in activities such as horse riding or beach clean-ups.

  • Educational initiatives such as planting trees or field trips to farms.

  • Gathering knowledge from technology and online plant and animal databases.

  • Driving Mindfully near sanctuaries or forest areas.

  • Discouraging Wildlife trades or animal parts as status symbols.

  • Sharing resources like water and carpooling.

If you want to know some amazing hacks to make the upcoming festivals eco-friendly, drop us a comment and we will get right to work!


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