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8 fascinating things about Mumbai

I am a Mumbaikar and so is my team. However, this is an account from one of our amazing audience from when he came to Mumbai to study. Give it a read you won't be disappointed.


What’s in it for you here?

Well, I believe even if you’ve been in Mumbai for over a decade or so and explored it to the fullest, you might still have missed its sparkle one way or another. Because Mumbai in itself offers so many beautiful things to learn, explore and experience in every nook of it!

So if you’re living in Mumbai and you’re a Mumbaikar (Lucky you) then hey! This blog is for you, Make sure you’re checking it out and not missing things that fascinated me the most in our city!

“Millions of People Resides here in Mumbai, And Mumbai Resides in Billions of hearts”

If you’re a migrant or planning to shift here, then hey! This blog is for you too! So you can get to know what you shouldn’t miss out on.

And lastly if you haven’t been to Mumbai so far, What are you waiting for? Make sure you’re adding it to your bucket list and saving this blog.

So All in All,

I’m writing this to YOU,

Yes, You!

I want you to experience all of those things in Mumbai which I did in my college days and lived my life.

8 fascinating things about Mumbai

  1. Mumbai Never Sleeps. Literally!

  2. Knowing the worth of each rupee

  3. Mumbaikars

  4. Nightlife

  5. Places to visit in Mumbai

  6. Mumbai Rains

  7. Local Trains- Not the band, the lifeline of Mumbai

  8. Street food

1)Value of Time

Mumbai — The city that never Sleeps

No matter if it’s 3 am or 3 pm; I have seen people working and hustling here at almost every hour of the clock. Well, I think everyone here is always running late and is always out of time!

Commuters literally get up at 5 am to catch their fixed local of 6.18 to reach the office on time at 9.30. If they somehow miss catching their first local on decided time they might reach their office late by an hour or two.

Time is supreme here, it dominates over everything!

Tip for Non MumbaikarsBe aware! For Mumbaikars 5mins walk = 20mins walk for us; so if someone tells you that something is 5 minutes away, then be prepared you’ve to walk more for minimum 15–20mins.

If you’re in Mumbai and have nothing to do then just go out and observe things around, Go and talk to random strangers or just hang around any Metro or Local Stations. Believe me, you’ll learn something!

(For me observing local street vendors was the best — By observing them you can get the most practical lesson of negotiating and selling products, that too in a very competitive market)

2)Value of Money

The best thing about Mumbai — Even If you’ve got only 100Rs. in your pocket, you can explore and roam around all day in this beautiful city!

Back in my college days, my friends (who were Mumbaikars) made fun of me, because I used to take an Auto for 1.3 km to reach college which cost me about 18 to 20Rs per ride, and every time when I chose cabs over local. People here spend every single rupee in a very calculative manner and save it in every possible way — And that’s so good!

Mumbaikars are very hardworking and can easily walk a few km on foot which saves 20–25Rs in return (unlike other cities where I’ve been to).

So after “Value of Time”, Saving and Spending Money in a Calculative way is one of the most valuable things here!

Fun FactMumbai is the home of not only the Richest man of Asia and but also thousands of other Millionaires and at the other end of this spectrum is Asia’s Largest Slum, this city Mayanagri (the city of dreams) can either make you or break you — So go ahead and rock in it accordingly.

Another lesson I learned here, is that you should be very grateful for what you’ve got in life — I, myself have seen hundreds of penurious people sleeping on the footpath on only a piece of a newspaper with hope to earn and have at least something to eat the next day.

This city has taught me the value of little things and the importance of things that you already have in life.

Well being in Mumbai, You can never go out of Fashion, Style, or any Trend; You can easily buy a fancy pair of your desired outfit in just 500 to 700Rs. — Make sure you’re going and exploring Fashion Street, Colaba Causeway, Crawford Market, and such bazaars :)

3) People of Mumbai

The majority of people say moving out to metro cities may turn out to be dysphoric and that there is a constant fear of facing greed, fraud, and danger, agreed. Well, one has to face and cope-up with such things anywhere they go!

And for me, the majority of people here in Mumbai are friendly and welcoming. Humanity Still Exists! Yes, In Big Cites too!

Talking about my experience; I’ve met many strangers who have helped me out a lot of times.

You will find people helping you unexpectedly. Strangers standing on footboard will see that you’re running on a platform trying to catch that local, they’ll understand it and manage to get you a small space in that overloaded chaos.

Also finding a group of few good friends will solve it all and help you to cope up with every damn thing! You’ll find people here from all backgrounds and religions, coming from different states. The best thing about that? Everyone here celebrates every festival with the same zeal and together!

The thing I love the most about the people of Mumbai is living a happy life in limited resources, full of adjustments. I’ve seen a family of 5 residing in 1Bhk!

4) Night Life -

Mumbai — Welcome to one of the most happening cities!

Clubbing and Parties is one of the major night time activity among the youngsters. You just drive around the city late at night and you’ll definitely meet people chasing neon lights, on their way to Party, Dance, and get boozed up to enjoy and live life.

Just driving through the streets of the city and going near shores. Well, I’m more of a beach person. The majority of my night outs were: Catching the last local from my place towards CSMT, Exploring and Roaming in the city all night, and then taking the first local in the morning from there to the hostel.

Here’s my Wishlist:

Marine Drive -Apart from the beautiful view of the Queen's Necklace you’ll get to taste the best mouth-watering Samosas, Chatpati and Cutting Chai at 20Rs per serving.

Also, I love going near Bandstand, meeting and talking to foreigners there, and driving through Bandra Worli Sea Link tops my Wishlist.

At midnight you’ll also find people selling tea and coffee on cycles — do try out “Boost chai”, it is yum! In 2019 I’ve been to a minimum of 18–20 such night outs, all of them were lit and relishing!

Believe me, the night-outs here are exciting and full of life.

5)Places to Visit in Mumbai

Even if you’ve been in Mumbai for over a decade or so and explored it to the fullest, You might still have missed a gem. Because this place itself offers so many beautiful things to learn, explore and experience in every nook of it!

Every region and suburb has a different look; From Slums to Sky Scrappers, From Caves to Beaches, Museums, Libraries, Massive Festivals, Concerts, and the list keeps going on and on... To make it easy for you to start exploring it, I’m attaching my favorite places to roam around in Mumbai click here


On any day of the year, this city can surprise and shower you with droplets of love. And the Monsoon here is best.

Here’s my Wishlist of things to do here on rainy days:

1) Going to Shivaji park, Dadar and having “Bhutta”(Burnt Corn) with “Cutting Chai”.

2) Going to Haji Ali after offering prayers and seeking blessings do stroll around the dargah and sit there for a while (On level 1, Arabian Sea View) that’s bliss!

3)And of course Driving through Bandra- Worli sea link

Also having “Kanda Bhajiya Pav with Cutting Chai” on a rainy day will ultimately make your day!

7)Local Trains- The Lifeline of Mumbai

In Mumbai Day starts and ends with the hoot of Local trains.

At times it gets extremely Chaotic, Crowded, and Suffocating thing in the city, Agreed!

But even in that chaos people happily prefer it over every available means of transportation, because local trains here are the fastest and cheapest (10Rs. for over 20kms) mode of transport available in mumbai.

I remember back then in 2018 I used to shiver standing on the platform, Seeing that chaos and crowd, every time I tried to run away from it.

But now I’m used to it, No matter how crowded it is, I now manage well to get a space onboard. Added bonus: you will hardly get bored traveling on Locals. During your journey, you’ll meet a variety of people and get a lot of entertainment too. Some random street singers will come and sing, sellers coming to sell you things at a pocket-friendly cost, some people will be in a hustle to reach office on time and some that are new to the city and a bit scared to travel in it, some of them going through tough days while some are relaxed and just touring around.

Daily these trains carry millions of people having billions of different stories and destinations!

The best thing for a Non- Mumbaikar here can be to get used to it and help people like other Mumbaikars to answer “Which side is Dadar ?”, “Which platform is the fast local coming on” and such queries! (Now I can answer a majority of them :D), Also, I now enjoy following the protocol of “Utar ke chadna” (roughly translated to While you are standing near footboard, get down let the others get in, climb back up) while traveling near footboard.

Also, I do like how Transgenders come and bless you just in return for a few pennies. “Wishing you a good day” is the best thing to hear from them!

8)Street Food

Getting 24 by 7, Pocket-friendly street food here was the best escape for me from Hostel food

This city will never keep you starving, you’ll always find a “Khau Gali” loaded with a variety of delicious food.

My Favorite combo includes “2 Vada Pav, 1 extra Vada and Cutting Chai” costing about 50Rs.

Street Dosa, Pav Bhaji, Aloo Paratha, Pasta, Dahi Dhokla, and the list keeps going on and on- I’ll attach here my favorite food joints, do let me know in the comments if I’m missing out on something.

Here’s the list of My Fav food joints in Mumbai, Click here

Alright, This was all about "8 fascinating things about Mumbai”.


About the author: Parth Dand

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I truly believe in, "Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn", So just always keep learning and keep growing!

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