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5 Places in Mussoorie to Visit on your next trip

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

If you’ve been to the northern parts of the country (India), you’ve probably witnessed how the geography and the terrain changes with every northward step. The inroads play a game of hide-and-seek in the hills and valleys. They get narrow as one moves up the latitudes, and the valleys get steeper too. But like a “cherry on top” (inappropriately so), sit some of the most beautiful hill stations whose mesmerizing sights and gleaming beauty can vanquish any fatigue or discomfort from the rough and scuffling road travels.

After barely scraping through the mid-semester exams on campus, my friends and I had a backpacking trip planned to relax and unwind. Not so restful, however, was the journey to Mussoorie which was the nearest and most convenient hill-station to hop overnight from my university in Pilani. But the unrest was mainly due to the exhaustion from sleepless nights in the past couple of weeks, including the one on the day of the travel. And it was a cakewalk for Mussoorie to relieve us from all the enervation. The weather was magnificent since it was just before the onset of winters in October.

To sum up one of the best trips I’ve experienced, I have jotted some best places from Mussoorie.

Check out the 5 places to visit in Mussoorie

1) Bhatta Falls:

Unlike the Kempty falls which is very popular and sprawling with tourists left and right, Bhatta falls is located on the outset of the Mussoorie town, off the Mussoorie Dehradun highway. There’s a ropeway facility which is only operational during the peak tourist season. Bhatta falls also has some amazing shacks which are run by the locals who let you dine at the waterfall. But what’s best is the private experience one can enjoy here. A part of the waterfall, unlike any other, can be climbed using the stairs constructed along the falls. And one can enjoy a peaceful dip in the steady waters at the source of the fall. It was the first place we visited after our tiring travel which did magic to our fatigue while also cleansing us all in its sparkling cool waters. (P.S. This location is best enjoyed with warm, freshly served Maggi ❤)

2) Mall Road:

Stepping outside our cottage located near the Bhatta village, we drove to Mussoorie town. And of course, the first destination that comes by is The Mall Road. Like almost every other hill station, the mall road is lined with vendors selling jewelry, toys and food stalls selling momos, street-side chat, and much more. What’s famous here is the Tibetan market. It also offers some beautiful views of the Dehradun city from atop. Mall Road is also lined with some notable restaurants such as Kalsang and popular bookstores which are also graced by Ruskin Bond who occasionally visits there. All in all, Mall Road can be regarded as one of the most buzzing destinations in the hill station of Mussoorie. This also means it is crowded with pedestrians and tourists. Walking here, however, is surprisingly not so tiring given the cool and clean Mussoorie weather.

3) Char Dukan:

The next day, we decided to walk all the way from where we left off the previous day (Yes, we came there again) and walk upwards from the streets of Mussoorie to Char Dukan. The distance was not short by any means, and a larger portion of the walk required us to climb uphill. However, the destination was truly blissful. Char Dukan is famous because as the name suggests, it has four old shops which have existed there for years. They serve an amazing range of desserts that are best had on a hilltop. We tried the apple cinnamon pancakes with some warm cinnamon tea. The experience was a delight. However, be careful to not visit there with a growling stomach since each shop has only 2 tables (do the math- just 8 tables!) so consequently, the waiting time is quite long.

(View from Chaar Dukaan)

4) Lal Tibba:

Walking ahead and up the hills from Chaar Dukaan, one reaches the Lal Tibba. This is a point similar to Char Dukan, where one can eat peacefully atop the hill. But being located on a higher altitude, it has a point that offers some truly mesmerizing views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, three most prominent peaks that can be seen from this point is Kedarnath, Badrinath and Bunderpunch, but you would need a telescope (good thing the municipality installed one in 1967). This point also offers some fun games for the enthusiastic such as shooting balloons, winning prizes, and such.

(View from near Lal Tibba point)

5) Kellogg Memorial Church:

After completing an almost full circle of the sprawling Landour hill area, we decided to visit the Kellogg Memorial Church atop the hill. It stands beside the Language School and offered a rather solemn welcome, away from the hubbub of the tourists.

Of course, there are a lot more splendid places and things to do in Mussoorie. But the parts we traveled to are best experienced on foot. I believe that this would hold true for all hill stations, as walking down the roads of a hill-station is not an experience many of us are familiar with. The cool breeze and the glimpses from every nook of the valley are truly relishing and rejuvenating especially after a series of tantalizing weeks of work.

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