About Khakhed

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Khakhed was formerly called Karigari, both names stemming from Hindi words. Our founders chose our name as a tribute to their mothers and their roots. Over the course of time, they realised that their passion for the environment and everything in it stems from their cultural heritage and their upbringing, and it was only fair to pay due respect. 

Khakhed started with it’s focus to promote an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle with own mantra of the ‘5R’s

R- Reuse 

R- Reduce

R- Recycle

R- Repurpose 

R- Refuse.

Khakhed focuses on bringing animal and nature Organizations, eco-friendly private sector companies, eco-friendly public sector companies and individuals who are trying their best to make a difference. Trying their best to make green products and services.

We at Khakhed understand that a person tries their entire life to do better, to uplift their family and themselves in the society, enjoy the luxuries they work really hard for. This is why Khakhed believes in Alternate Life style, that lets you live your best eco-friendly and sustainable self.


Our Founders Story


Aashutosh Ingle and Aditi Rose Saksena met on the second day of their graduation program in Manipal Institute of Communication, and since then have had their shares of ups and downs together in the past 3 years.

One thing that hasn't changed for them is how much Manipal and living there inspired them to find a way to protect everything the town had given them, from their friendship to Khakhed and the adventures they embarked on.  

Aashutosh comes from a small town in Madhya Pradesh called Indore and Aditi comes from India's commercial capital Mumbai. Aashutosh spent days in and out of the kitchen learning their heritage from his mother, Aditi spent every vacation in a new city in India learning their history, cultures and wildlife.

Although their upbringings and surroundings were different, they both understood the need to protect what remains to have a better, brighter futures. 

Meet The Team

Aashutosh Ingle- Co-founder, CFO(1).ARW

Ashutosh Ingle

— Co- founder

Aditi Rose saksena- Co founder, CEO, Writer.png

Aditi Rose Saksena

— Co- founder, Editor, Head Writer

Geetika- Writer.jpeg

Geetika Ahuja

— Writer

Shashwat- Writer.png

Shashwat S Garg

— Writer

Hasmitha- Graphic Designer.jpeg

Hasmitha M

—Head Graphic Designer

Shreyas- Editor.jpeg

Shreyas S

— Editor